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IMPORTANT: Your message may NOT reach us, if you are using one of the following email providers:


Our mailserver IP is blocked by EarthLink. Our mailserver belongs to the largest internet providers within Europe (1 & 1) which apparently EarthLink is not aware of at all. This is like blocking all incoming emails sent via Hotmail or AOL. Additionally, Earthlink wants us to enter on their website to fill out some form for unblocking our mailserver address. We are sorry to say that our time is too precious for doing so. Instead, we strongly recommend you not to use neither Earthlink nor Mindspring as your email provider, but to change to a different one. This pre-filtering is apparently done without your consent, it is censorship and violating your personal right of information and to make your own decision.

Make sure that you include both of our email addresses "info {(a t ]) rareplants. eu" and "service {[ a t}) rareplants .eu" to the list of permitted senders in your personal AOL email settings, otherwise our response email may be rejected by AOL and it will not reach you.


Registered Domicile:
Bjørn Malkmus-Hussein
Calle Goya, 1
E-38400 Puerto de la Cruz (S/C de Tenerife)
Fax: +49-(0)3212-1284583

We are travelling a lot to gather seeds from new plants for you, thus it may be very difficult to localize us by phone. Please contact us by email or fax !

All our shipments are IGIC exempted (= Canary VAT). Spanish tax number: Y1621485E