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Scilla haemorrhoidales (Canary Blue Squill)

10 (20)cm, Canary Blue Squill is an almost unknown Scilla from the western Canary islands where it grows in rich soil in sunny to partially shaded rock crevices. It makes a broad flat leaf rosette and rose colored racemes with contrasting sky blue miniature flowers followed by ornamental bright orange and fleshy seed capsules. A wintergreen and winter and spring flowering species. Best grown in a cold and frosfree greenhouse. Not winterhardy, keep at a minimum of some 10°C in a sunny spot during winter. XI-II.
20 seeds per package.

seed package (ex Tenerife)

2+ € 0,94
6+ € 0,89
21+ € 0,84
51+ € 0,79
101+ € 0,69

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