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Offical Sellers in China  
Upon request we provide a logo as the example shown to the right to all sellers and webshops in China who have been authorized to distribute our seeds and/or plants grown from these seeds.

If a particular seller uses this logo, on this page in the list below you can verify that this seller or webshop in China has been authorized by (on the Chinese market sometimes only referred to as "RP") to sell genuine seeds and plants from Aeonium, Aichryson and Greenovia.
Seller Webshop
肉小仙多肉植物 (short: 肉小仙)
ACE Succulents / ACE多肉
一粒•一园 (one seed, one garden)
绿阳新意植物馆 多肉种子店
天堂隔壁玫瑰园官方店 (TianTangGeBi Greenovia's Garden)
悦心多肉工坊 (Elina's Succulents Garden)
WUNV Succulents