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If you would like to sell seeds to us from rarely available or hardly known plants, which are particularly worth being cultivated for certain characteristics (e.g. unusual blooms or an especially beautiful habit), please contact us!

1.) Please always state in your message the available species with their precise botanical names (at least to genus and species level and - if applicable - subspecies, variety or form rank) and the maximum available quantity (e.g. the amount of grains for countable seeds or number of teaspons for species with dust-fine seeds).

2.) After submission of your offer we will revise it for any acceptable species. If we agree to a purchase you will receive an email from us with an attached invoice with the species and quantities we would like to receive from you and the prices we will pay you for these.

3.) Please print out this invoice, fill out the missing data (your personal and bank details as well as any information on provenance of seeds, if available), sign it and include it to the seed shipment. By sending us any seeds, you agree to our conditions for a purchase, which are available as a downloadable PDF file * here.
In this document you receive more important information as well as our shipping address.

4.) On receipt, we will check seeds for their purity and viability and if these are acceptable to us, we will make a bank transfer to your bank account or PayPal payment (whatever you prefer) within 5 working days. In case that any seeds should be not acceptable (e.g. completely dried out seeds, fungal infestations, larger impurities, or lower quantity included than stated), we will contact you immediately.

Please note that we do not stock cultivars nor hybrids, but only pure (wild) species, also we do not list any seeds generally available through the garden trade.

In particular we are looking for seeds and/or dormant tubers from the following:

- North & South American amaryllids (e.g. Habranthus, Hippeastrum, Ismene amancaes, Leptochiton quitoensis, Leptochiton helianthus, Zephyranthes)
- Mediterranean amaryllids
(e.g. Narcissus)
- geophytes & bulbous plants
(with the exception of all South African native species)
- Tuberous aroids in the following genera: Amorphophallus, Arisaema, Biarum, Dracontium, Eminium
- Mediterranean perennials
- species from Eastern Asia (Himalaya area) and Japan
- species from high elevations in the Andes range in South America
(e. g. rosulate Viola spp.)
- Dracaena cinnabari, Dracaena draco ssp. ajgal, Dracaena ombet, Dracaena schizantha, Dracaena serrulata

* Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF is available for free in English here.