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Urospatha (Twisted Aquatic Arrowhead)

Twisted Aquatic Arrowheads are a small genus of tropical evergreen aroids which are native to Central and South America, where they occur in marshes and wet areas. These rather rarely seen species produce peculiar inflorescences with a showy spirally twisted spathe and ornamental sagittate (= arrow-shaped) leaves. Despite their native habitat all Urospatha species can be cultivated successfully in any humus rich soil, which should be kept always wet. Keep plants in partial shade (summer) to full sun (winter) at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year.
Sow seeds flat and horizontally on any humus rich soil, cover seeds only slightly with soil. Keep soil moist at all times and pots at a minimum of some 25°C (optimum 28°C) in a sunny spot. In all Urospatha species germination is very, very slow, and it may take up to 12 months. The first leaves are more or less lance-shaped and will gradually extend to the typical arrow-like form.
7 seeds per package.
Urospatha grandis (Giant Twisted Aquatic Arrowhead)

Urospatha grandis (Giant Twisted Aquatic Arrowhead)

200 (300)cm, Giant Twisted Aquatic Arrowhead (syn. Urospatha friedrichsthalii) is an impressive, rarely cultivated, evergreen bog plant from Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica to Panama) with ornamental, tall-stalked, glossy, arrow-shaped leaves and a very unusual inflorescence with a most showy, spirally twisted spathe, which is blackish-green outside and pale yellowish-jade-green inside. Urospatha grandis can be grown successfully in large pots in any always moist humus rich soil at a winter minimum of 20°C. V-X.
7 seeds per package.

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