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Protea (South African Sugarbush or Featherbush)

Sugarbushes or Featherbushes from the greater Cape Province of South Africa. The grow as very ornamental medium sized to tall shrubs or low trees and have most decorative, quite large flowers above leathery leaves. All are frost resistant enough to be grown in a protected spot in any humus rich, well drained soil in the open garden down to in USDA Climate Zone 9 (lowest winter temperatures of -7°C/ 20°F). In parts of Central Europe with lower average winter temperatures, all Protea species are good pot or container plants for an unheated wintergarden or greenhouse and will withstand a few degrees of temporary freezing without any major leaf burn. Expected flowering time is given for the northern hemisphere (e.g. Central Europe and North America).

For detailed information on sowing and cultivation of sugarbushes please refer to this page: Sowing and Cultivation for Proteaceae from South Africa.

All are USDA Climate Zone 9.
7 seeds per package.