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Dendroseris (Robinson Crusoe Islands' Cabbage Trees) & Robinsonia

Robinson Crusoe Islands' Cabbage Trees are members of the daisy or sunflower family (Asteraceae) and endemic to the Juan Fernández islands in the southeastern Pacific. This archipelago is located some 400 km off the southwestern coast of Chile. They are amongst the rarest plant species in the world and several species are threatened by extinction for severe grazing of introduced animals and ongoing destruction of their natural habitat. In general they have a similar habit to the however not closer-related Sonchus species (Giant Sow Thistles) from the Canary islands. They occur in a comparable habitat with permanently stable, rather cool temperatures throughout the yearw which lead to a convergent evolution. Most Dendroseris and Robinsonia species make a woody, branching stem with sometimes very large, ornamental leaves and terminal umbels of white to yellow or rich orange flowers. All offered species are excellent, easily cultivated pot or container plants for any rich, well drained soil in a sunny (winter) to partially shaded (summer) spot. In winter keep plants drier at a minimum of some 10°C with a good air ventilation. Dendroseris and Robinsonia are nothing but unique and utmost showy plants which are extremely rare in cultivation and seed is just as rare to obtain as are plants in nature.
Sow the very small seeds flat on any humus rich, very well drained soil in a sunny spot at some 20°C throughout the year. Sowings shall not be exposed to temperatures above 25°C, for this will inhibt germination or may even destroy seeds! Very thinly cover seeds with soil and keep substrate always moist but never wet. Germination starts after some 10 days and is completed after 4 weeks. After germination move seedlings to partial shade (summer) or full sun (from autumn to spring). Keep slightly drier and very sunny in winter at a minimum of some 10°C. Seedlings will grow quite fast in most Dendroseris and Robinsonia species and may reach flowering size within five years (Dendroseris pinnata within 10 years).
10 seeds per package.
Dendroseris litoralis (Juan Fernández Cabbage Tree)

Dendroseris litoralis (Juan Fernández Cabbage Tree)

300 (450), Juan Fernández Cabbage Tree is a tall and broad, branching woody shrub with very large (up to 40 cm long!), oval, fresh green, glossy leaves in terminal rosettes and pendulous, rich orange flowers on long peduncles. It is native of the island of Robinson Crusoe (Isla Más a Tierra). A nothing but spectacular plant for a container cultivation. For any humus rich, well drained soil in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (winter) spot. In winter keep plants drier at a minimum of some 10°C. V-VII.
10 seeds per package.

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