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Dracunculus (Mediterranean Dragon Aroid)

Mediterranean Dragon Aroid is one out of only two members in the small genus Dracunculus. It makes very large blackish-red spathes with an unforgettable smell (which fortunately lasts only for some three days). This showy species is native of open rocky spots in the Mediterranean. Makes quite large corms and is suited for any well drained, humus rich soil in the open garden as it is usually winter dormant, if corms are planted rather deep. Keep plants completely dry as soon as leaves wither in summer.
Sow flat in any humus-rich, yet well drained soil in a sunny spot at some 15°C to 20°C. Keep seedlings from Dracunculus vulgaris preferably frostfree in their first one to two winter at a minimum of some 5°C in a sunny spot as long as they are in leaf. Keep dormant tubers completely dry at some 5°C. Plant out dormant young tubers at the end of spring in their second to third year.
All are USDA Climate Zone 8.
10 seeds per package or per dormant corm (diameter given in ø cm).
Dracunculus vulgaris (Mediterranean Dragon Aroid)

Dracunculus vulgaris (Mediterranean Dragon Aroid)

100 (170)cm, Mediterranean Dragon Aroid has several broadly divided leaves on speckled stems and a tall and broad, deep burgundy red to almost black spathe and spadix. Native to the Eastern Mediterranean in rocky, partially shaded places with plenty of moisture in winter and spring and dryish conditions in summer. Protect from persistant wetness in winter by planting the large corms rather deep, adding grit sand or crushed lava to enhance drainage. If raised from seeds preferably cultivate young tubers under frostfree conditions for two years before transplanting the dormant tubers to the open garden in summer. 6 cm ø tubers are flowering size. USDA Climate Zone 8. VI-VII.
10 seeds per package.

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