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Sauromatum (Voodoo Lily) & Typhonium (Asian Arum)

Voodoo Lilies and Asian Arum belong to small genera and are mostly winter dormant tuberous plants. They are native from Eastern Africa (only Sauromatum venosum, syn. Typhonium venosum) to Central Asia and Australasian region and belong to closely related genera Sauromatum respectively Typhonium. Recently several former Typhonium species were included in Sauromatum. Most Typhonium species are extremely rarely available and always very high priced litte botanical gems and they make perfect collector's items for the small overall habit. All are nice small to medium sized foliage plants which will make several offsets under good conditions and an unforgettable reptile-like looking inflorescence before the leaf emerges in spring in Sauromatum venosum and Sauromatum venosum 'Indian Giant'. All species have an Arum like inflorescence with an incredible strong smell regarding their overall small to medium size. For any humus rich, well drained soil in partial shade to full sun. Sauromatum giganteum, Sauromatum venosum and Sauromatum horsfieldii are fairly winter hardy species, provided that tubers are planted rather deep in some protected spot with some additional protecting cover in winter (i.e. a dry mulchlayer). Alternatively and in colder regions, preferably grow these winter dormant species in pots and keep dormant tubers completely dry at some 5°C to 10°C from autumn to spring.
Sow seeds flat at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year in any well drained, humus rich soil, keep seedlings partially shaded.
Price is given per package (10 seeds) or per dormant corm (size given in cm).

Note: All corms are available for a delivery within Europe only! Seeds are shipped worldwide.
Sauromatum giganteum (syn. Typhonium giganteum)

Sauromatum giganteum (syn. Typhonium giganteum)

50cm, a rarely seen, fully winter hardy tuberous aroid from mountain woods in the Yunnan province, Chinese. it is a showy species with large yellowish green, very ornamental, broad oval arrowhead-shaped leaves, reaching up to 30cm in length, and a strongly "perfumed" narrow, dark maroon spathe and spadix. For any rich, well drained soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot in the garden with some good winter protection (e.g. a thick dry mulch layer). Plants come into growth very late in the year (around end of June to July in Central Europe). In cooler climates the growing cycle may be too short so that the corm cannot completely ripe in autumn, and are better grown in pots under frostfree conditions. If grown in pots keep dormant plants dry in winter at some 5°C. USDA Climate Zone 7. VI-VII.
10 seeds per package.

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seed package8672 € 4,99
Typhonium roxburghii

Typhonium roxburghii

15 (20)cm, makes middle to dark green arum-like leaves and a brownish red spathe with a dark brown spadix below the leaves. Native from northern India to Taiwan and southern Malaysia. Easily cultivated in any humus rich, well drained soil in a partially shaded spot. During dormancy keep corms completely dry at a minimum of some 15°C. VII-VIII.

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dormant corm 01-02cm ø2357 € 4,99
dormant corm 01-02cm ø