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Anchomanes (African Titan Aroid) & Pseudohydrosme

African Titan Aroids and the closely related genus Pseudohydrosme are native of Africa and contain some 7 to 8 species in Anchomanes, respectively only one species (Pseudohydrosme gabunensis) in the monotypic genus Pseudohydrosme. They differ from Amorphophallus in having always spiny stalks and deeply dissected leaves, and tuberous, spreading rhizomes with perennial roots. All can be successfully grown in any rich, well drained, slightly moist soil in a partially shaded to sunny spot. Keep plants always warm at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year, decrease watering as soon as plants go dormant. The inflorescence appears with or shortly before the new leaf is formed.
Plants are easily raised from seeds, sow the usually quite large seeds horizontally in any rich, well drained soil. Keep soil always slightly moist. Keep at 20° - 30°C throughout the year in a sunny to partially shaded spot. Seedlings will usually grow continuously for about two years before going dormant for the first time.
1, respectively 2 large seeds per package.

Note: All corms are available for a delivery within Europe only ! Seeds are shipped worldwide. For Non-European customers only: We do ship dormant tubers outside Europe, provided that all risk is upon the buyer. We do not issue any phytosanitary certificate, which is officially required for most countries. We kindly ask you to check with your local import regulations before placing an order!
Anchomanes abbreviatus

Anchomanes abbreviatus

100 (180)cm, is an extremely rare species from tropical Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique) with a broadly devided leaf and a very short brownish to yellow-brown spathe and rosy red fruits on maturity. For any rich, well drained soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot and a minimum of 20°C throughout the year. III-VII.
1 (one) seed per package.

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