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Anchomanes (African Titan Aroid) & Pseudohydrosme

African Titan Aroids and the closely related genus Pseudohydrosme are native of Africa and contain some 7 to 8 species in Anchomanes, respectively only one species (Pseudohydrosme gabunensis) in the monotypic genus Pseudohydrosme. They differ from Amorphophallus in having always spiny stalks and deeply dissected leaves, and tuberous, spreading rhizomes with perennial roots. All can be successfully grown in any rich, well drained, slightly moist soil in a partially shaded to sunny spot. Keep plants always warm at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year, decrease watering as soon as plants go dormant. The inflorescence appears with or shortly before the new leaf is formed.
Plants are easily raised from seeds, sow the usually quite large seeds horizontally in any rich, well drained soil. Keep soil always slightly moist. Keep at 20° - 30°C throughout the year in a sunny to partially shaded spot. Seedlings will usually grow continuously for about two years before going dormant for the first time.
1 (Pseudohydrosme gabunensis), respectively 2 (Anchomanes spp.) large seeds per package.
Pseudohydrosme gabunensis

Pseudohydrosme gabunensis

170 (200)cm, an extremely rarely cultivated species which is similar to Anchomanes with deeply dissected leaflets on a tall spiny stem, and a most ornamental, short-stalked inflorescence with a very broad spathe in lemon-yellow and maroon-red shades. The inflorescence is followed by a very ornamental, upright infructescence of white berries turning lilac on maturity. An easy and showy species for any humus rich, very well drained substrate. Keep plants in a sunny spot and at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year. During dormancy reduce watering to a minimum. IV-VI.
1 (one) seed per package.

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