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Typha (Cattail)

Cattails is a small family from temperate regions in the Northern and Southern hemisphere and are semiaquatic and semi herbaceous, rhizomatous plants with sometimes very tall, grasslike, flat leaves and utmost showy, round to elongated, dark brown to almost black, fluffy seed heads which are used in dry flower arrangements. They are found in shallow waters at the border of ponds and lakes or alongside streams. They can be successfully grown in any humus rich, always wet soil or in shallow water, e. g. at the edge of a pond or in a water filled bucket in full sun.
Sow tiny seeds flat on receipt on any humus rich, always completely wet soil in pots without holes in a partially shaded spot. Do not cover seeds with soil. During winter keep pots outside in a protected spot and never let dry out the soil. Seeds will germinate in late spring the following year. Carefully transplant seedlings as soon as they are strong enough from summer to autumn.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
50 seeds per package.
Typha minima (Dwarf Cattail)

Typha minima (Dwarf Cattail)

30 (70)cm, Dwarf Cattail is a showy dwarf, rhizomatous perennial native of moist riverbanks from central and southern Europe extending eastwards to Asia, where it has become very rare and is threatened from extinction due to the ongoing degradation and destruction of its' habitats. It makes grasslike leaves and ornamental, almost round, dark brown seed heads. For any humus rich, always moist soil, in shallow water at the border of a pond or in a water-filled bucket on a terrace. IV-VI.
50 seeds per package.

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