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Orontium (Golden Club)

Golden Club is the only species in the aquatic genus Orontium, a herbaceous aroid native to bogs, swamps and shallow waters in Atlantic Coastal Plains, USA, from New York south to Florida and west to Louisiana. Makes a lax rosette of bluish-green, ovoid leaves and bright yellow spadix in spring from a perennial underground rhizome. The flowers are followed by bluish-green fruits in summer. Grows easily in any humus rich, always wet soil, best is planted in shallow water at the edge of a pond or bog.
Sow the germinating seeds on any humus rich, wet soil, covered with water in a sunny spot. Transplant young rhizomes after the leaves have withered in late summer to early autumn.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
5 seeds per package.
Orontium aquaticum (Golden Club)

Orontium aquaticum (Golden Club)

40cm, Golden Club has bluish green leaves, growing upright or floating, and several yellow spadices in spring with small bluish green fruits in early summer. For any humus rich soil, preferably in shallow water and a sunny position. Propagation by division of the underground rhizomes in early spring or by seeds, which readily germinate. IV-V.
5 seeds per package.

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