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Laurus (Laurel or Bay)

Laurel or Bay are evergreen large shrubs to trees with aromatic, shiny dark-green foliage, which is commonly used in cookery (especially Laurus nobilis from the Mediterranean). They are native of rich soils in the cloud zone of always moist spots in subtropical-temperate climates with a high air-humidity. Several million years ago in prehistoric times with a more balanced climate they made up a very large family, widely spread on all continents, nowadays these and related families are isolated to few reminiscent relicts of laurel forest. One of the most impressive and intact laurel forest can be found on the Canary Islands, where it is conserved in the National Park of Garajonay on the island of La Gomera.
Sow in any humus rich, slightly moist soil. Keep pots at some 20°C. Germination will start after some 6 weeks. Keep seedlings and larger plants of Laurus novocanariensis cooler, yet frostfree in winter with reduced watering in winter in a sunny spot. Two year old seedlings of Laurus nobilis may be planted out to the open garden in a protected spot, as they are sufficiently hardy in Central Europe.
3 large seeds per package.