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Rehmannia (Chinese Foxglove)

Chinese Foxglove is botanically not related to the real Foxglove (Digitalis), but with Ramonda and Haberlea, both from the Gesneriad family (Gesneriaceae). However to Digitalis it has a similar appearance with its funnel-shaped, beautifully bright pink flowers in a lax raceme born from a basal rosette of glossy dark green leaves. An ornamental annual to biannual plant for any rich, well drained soil in a preferably partially shaded spot.
Sow seeds flat on top of any humus rich, well drained soil in early spring to late summer in a sunny spot. Do not cover seeds, keep pots always slightly moist from beneath. Transplant to the open garden as soon as seedlings are strong enough. If sowed late and planted out in autumn, a sheltered spot in recommendable.
All are USDA Climate Zone 7/8.
50 seeds per package.
Rehmannia elata (Chinese Foxglove)

Rehmannia elata (Chinese Foxglove)

30 (50)cm, Chinese Foxglove is an annual to biannual with most decorative, quite large, bright pink funnel shaped flowers in a lax raceme above nicely contrasting dark green leaves in a dense basal rosette. From mountain meadows in China. For partially shaded spots in any humus rich, well drained soil, preferably in a sheltered spot, if planted out to the garden in autumn. VI-VIII.
50 seeds per package.

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