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Abrus (Jequirity Beans)

Jequirity Beans is a monotypic genus with only one species It grows as a twining, perennial woody vine with large toothed feathered leaves and white, pale rose or pale bluish-rose pea like flowers followed by brown seedpods containing showy scarlet red seeds with a black base. Easily grown as pot plants in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot throughout the year. Keep plants drier in winter at a minimum of some 10°C. Plants require a climbing aid.
Prior to sowing scarify seed (e.g. carefully scratch the seed coat with fine sandpaper) and soak them in luke warm water for some 48h. Sow flat in any rich, well drained soil at some 20°C.
7 seeds per package.
Abrus precatorius (Coral Jequirity Bean)

Abrus precatorius (Coral Jequirity Bean)

300 (700)cm, Coral Jequirity Bean is a climbing, woody perennial with feathered leaves, white to pale bluish-pink flowers followed by brownish seedpods with most ornamental brilliant scarlet seeds with a black spot. VII-VIII.
7 seeds per package.

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