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Peltandra (Arrow Arum)

Arrow Arum is a small and rarely seen genus consisting of only two to three species, found in wetlands and marshes in North America. All have a very decorative foliage and are suited for any humus rich, always wet soil or shallow water (e.g. at the edge of a pond) in partial shade to full sun. Will thrive in any spot which does not fall completely dry, are as easy in cultivation as both Lysichiton species. The narrow, greenish to yellowish-green spathes are followed by densely packed seed heads which bow down on maturing. The genus Peltandra is said to be closely related with the monotypic genus Typhonodorum from Madagascar. Their ancestor might have lived in the supercontinent Pangaea before the continents as we know them today drifted apart from each other.
Sow seeds flat on receipt in any humus rich, always moist soil in a partially shaded place. Keep pots outside for winter in a protected spot, never let dry out the soil completely. Seeds will germinate in late spring the following year. Plant out seedlings as soon as they are strong enough.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
3 large seeds per package.
Peltandra virginica (Green Arrow Arum)

Peltandra virginica (Green Arrow Arum)

70 (100)cm, Green Arrow Arum is a striking, fully winterhardy species from marshes in eastern North America. Its closest living relative is tropical Typhonodrum lindleyanum from Madagascar. Peltandra virginica makes glossy, decorative, broadly arrow shaped leaves, a narrow greenish spathe with a yellowish green spadix inside, followed by a compact seed head with green (rarely yellow) berries. It is a very adoptable species, easily grown in any moist, humus rich soil, at the edge of a pond or under bog conditions. VI-VII.
3 germinating seeds per package.

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