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Swertia (Marsh Gentian)

Marsh Gentian or Marsh Felwort are biannual to perennial relatives of true Gentians (Gentiana), growing in humus rich, leafy, slightly moist soils in C Europe to Asia and N America. For a cool, partially shaded spot in any very humus rich soil, which is kept always slightly moist throughout summer.
Sow flat on any humus rich soil with some added sand for a better drainage, yet keep soil always slightly moist in summer. In Winter keep pots in a protected spot outside. Carefully transplant seedlings in early spring before new leaves emerge.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
30 seeds per package.
Swertia perennis (Blue Marsh Gentian)

Swertia perennis (Blue Marsh Gentian)

40 (60)cm, Blue Marsh Gentian or Blue Marsh Felwort is a rare perennial endemic of humus rich soils in marshes and moist meadows in the Alps to E Europe. Makes a basal rosette of quite large leaves and an upright inflorescence with dark blue to lilac blue, star like flowers. For any humus rich, leafy soil in a partially shaded spot. Keep soil always slightly moist in summer. VI-VIII.
30 seeds per package.

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