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Cocculus (Moonseed Vine)

Moonseed Vines are fast growing, semi-woody vines with a woody base. At present some 11 species are known, which are native of warm temperate to tropical regions of North America, Asia and Africa. All make small, greenish-yellow flowers in early summer above ornamental foliage, which turns to bright yellow in late autumn and winter, giving sight to dense and long lasting clusters of red to bluish-black berries. Each berry contains a single seed which has the shape of a full moon, thus its common name. Easily grown in any humus rich, yet well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Very easy and adoptable plants.
Sow from autumn to late spring in any humus rich, sandy soil in a partially shaded spot. Keep pots in a sheltered and sunny spot outside during winter. Seeds germinate in late spring to early summer. Transplant young plants in autumn when leaves start to yellow.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
10 seeds per package..
Cocculus trilobus (Korean Moonseed)

Cocculus trilobus (Korean Moonseed)

3 (7)m, Korean Moonseed makes annual vines from a perennial woody base. The slightly glossy leaves turn bright yellow in winter and give sight to dense clusters of ornamental bluish-black berries. The species is native of woods in Korea and is used in traditional medicine throughout Asia. Easily grow in any humus rich, well drained soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot. V-VI.
10 seeds per package.

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