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Corchorus (Mloukhiyeh or Lebanese Spinach)

Mloukhiyeh or Lebanese Spinach from the mallow family (Malvaceae) is used in traditional cookery in Lebanon and Egypt and virtually not grown outside these countries. A quite fast and tall growing biannual to semiperennial plant with dark green leaves resembling to those of spinach, and which are very tasty with a typical mild flavor. Leaves are used cooked in soups and several other national dishes.
Sow small black seeds flat in any rich, well drained, sandy soil in spring under warm glass at a minimum of some 25°C at day and some 20°C at night. Seeds may not germinate at lower temperatures. Germination in this species in general is erratic and may need up to six weeks. Transplant strong seedlings to the open garden end of spring. Best grown as an annual at a constantly rather high temperature in a greenhouse or wintergarden.
20 seeds per package.
Corchorus olitorius (Lebanese Spinach)

Corchorus olitorius (Lebanese Spinach)

130 (200)cm, Mloukhiyeh, Mouloukhieh, or Mulukhiye, is an unknown vegetable in the Western world. The dark green leaves on tall stems have a spinach like texture and taste. As soon as plants are strong enough, leaves may be picked until autumn. For any rich, well drained soil in full sun. Best cultivated as an annual. Sow under warm glass in spring at a minimum of some 25°C and transplant seedlings to the open garden end of spring. A fast growing vegetable which requires sufficient heat during its growing cycle to develop well. VI-IX.

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