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Ricinus (Palma Christi)

The monotypic genus Ricinus, Palma Christi or Castor Oil Plant is native of North-East Africa and provides some of the fastest growing tree-like annual from the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae). In nature they will grow as tree-like perennials, but even if grown as annuals they may reach up to 4m in a single growing season, i.e. some 5 months, an impressive growth rate! They have large, acer-like foliage, shaded red in full sun. Make clusters of yellowish, small flowers, followed by green to reddish seed capsules. Suited for any rich soil in a sunny position.
Sow anytime throughout the year at min 20°C. Keep sunny, especially if sown in (late) winter. Transplant seedlings to the open garden in early summer or grow them as pot plants. As perennial container plants they require cooler temperatures at a minimum of some 15°C and a drier soil in winter.
10 seeds per package.
Ricinus communis (Palma Christi 'Laotian Red')

Ricinus communis (Palma Christi 'Laotian Red')

2 (4)m, Palma Christi 'Laotian Red' has utmost beautifully dark wine red leaves and it is a superior color form in comparison to all reddish cultivars commonly offered in the garden trade. It was originally found in Laos, Asia and similar to it's sister green and red forms, it is a very fast growing woody perennial which is best cultivated as an annual in colder regions. For any rich, well drained soil in full sun. Preferably sow large seeds under frostfree conditions in mid spring and transplant seedlings to the final spot in the garden after the last freezing nights by the end of spring to early summer. Seeds from true Ricinus communis 'Laotian Red' are exclusively available from ! Note: All parts are poisonous. Not recommended for subtropical to tropical arid areas, where this species may become invasive. VII-IX.
10 seeds per package.

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