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Viola (Canary Violets)

Canary Violets in general are perennial to woody sub shrubs (the latter especially from subalpine and alpine regions) with nice, dense foliage. The Canary species are suited for an unheated, not necessarily frostfree greenhouse as they withstand some freezing in winter for a short period. Canary Violets are without exception very rare, and especial Viola cheiranthifolia and Viola palmensis are very endangered.
Sow flat at some 5°C to 15°C from autumn to late spring. Seeds require a cooling period for several months prior to germination. As it is the case in many hardy perennials, if seeds are sowed too late in the year, most will not germinate before spring the following year. Seedlings may be flowering size within two years.
All are USDA Climate Zone 8.
20 seeds per package, unless stated differently.

Legal note: All material descends from horticulturally propagated plants in Germany respectively Lebanon only. We do not sell any wild collected material and strictly refrain from offering such in order to protect several endangered specimens in habitat and to comply with national and international laws on the trade of protected plants and parts thereof, such as seeds.
Viola aff. riviniana (La Gomera Violet) Exclusive

Viola aff. riviniana (La Gomera Violet) Exclusive

5 (10)cm, La Gomera Violet belongs to the Viola riviniana group, yet differs in various points from continental central European populations. It is native of partially shaded, slightly moist spots in the laurel forest in the central parts of La Gomera island, Spain. It is an evergreen perennial with a dense, short-stemmed, dark green leaf rosette and light blue flowers in late spring. For any humus rich, slightly moist soil in a partially shaded spot with some winter protection (e.g. a dry mulch layer). In cold winters the leaves will die down completely, however plants will make new leaves from the basal part in spring. Alternatively grow under cold glass or in an unheated greenhouse. V-VI.
20 seeds per package.

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