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Adonis (Sweet Vernal)

Sweet Vernal is a beautiful, clump-forming perennial from the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and is native of C Europe extending eastwards to W Siberia. It naturally occurs in sunny, open spots in sandy to rocky soils under steppe-like conditions and has become very rare due to over collection for medical purposes and loss of habitat. It produces in spring most ornamental, very large, bright yellow, glossy flowers above most ornamental, deeply dissected, feather-like bright green leaves. For any rich, very sandy to rocky and very well drained soil in a sunny spot. Keep plants undisturbed as their root system dislikes movements. Seedlings need some three years for their first flowers. Do not water dormant rootstock in summer.
Sow flat in a humus-sandy soil and keep pots outside for winter in a protected spot. Keep soil only slightly moist. Seeds need a cooling period of several months prior to germination. Cultivate young plants in pots for two years and transplant the rootstock as soon as plants go dormant in summer.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
20 seeds per package.
Adonis vernalis (Early Sweet Vernal)

Adonis vernalis (Early Sweet Vernal)

30 (50cm), Early Sweet Vernal makes most ornamental, bright yellow, glossy flowers above filigree, deeply dissected leaves in early spring. Has become very scarce in nature. For any humus-sandy to rocky and very well drained soil in a sunny spot. Keep plants undisturbed after transplanting. III-IV.
20 seeds per package.

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