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Saruma is a recently introduced, monotypic (i.e. with only one species) genus native of Hupeh (China). It is close to the genus Asarum (Aristolochiaceae). In contrast to its cousins it makes upright, short annual stems with rounded heart-shaped, pubescent leaves and small rich yellow, axillary and terminal, cup-like flowers. An easy and very long lived perennial in any humus-rich, well drained soil in partial shade, where it will self-sow under good conditions.
Sow flat from autumn to late spring in any humus-rich, leafy, well drained soil. Keep pots in a protected, sunny spot outside. Transplant dormant rhizomes in autumn after the annual shoots have withered.
Note: All parts are poisonous if ingested !
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
10 seeds per package.
Saruma henryi

Saruma henryi

30 (50)cm, only introduced into cultivation in the 80s, this Chinese native has a perennial rootstock from which emerge annual shoots with rounded heartshaped, hairy, fresh green to grayish green leaves and axillary and terminal, tripartite yellow cup-like flowers. Easily grown in any leafy, humus rich soil in partial shade. V-VI.
10 seeds per package.

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