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Cucurbita (Decoration Squash and Wild Gourd)

Decoration Squashes are native of Mexico and Central America, where they have been cultivated for centuries by the indigenous population. They are vigorous annuals with rich yellow flowers and most decorative, very long-lasting, non-edible fruits in various shapes, sizes and colors. They will thrive in any humus rich, well drained soil in full sun. Plants are best grown with a climbing aid, so that the fruits will develop freely.
Sow flat preferably from end of March to mid April in any rich, well drained soil, three seeds per pot. Keep pots in a sunny and constantly warm spot inside, e.g. on a window sill, in a heated greenhouse or in the wintergarden. Transplant seedlings to the open garden as soon as temperatures will stay above 10°C at night in late spring to early summer.
7 seeds per package.
Cucurbita andreana (Wild Giant Squash)

Cucurbita andreana (Wild Giant Squash)

3 (5)m, Wild Giant Squash is a wild Central American species and one parent from all giant squashes. It is is a fast growing annual vine with bright orange yellow flowers followed by ornamental, dark green ovoid, orange-sized, and very long lasting, non-edible fruits which are striped pale green. Easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in full sun and sufficient watering during growth. VI-VIII.
7 seeds per package.

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