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Pulsatilla (North American Pasque Flower)

Pasque Flowers or Cowshells are native of alpine rocky meadows from central, southern and eastern Europe, and of sandy beaches in northern Europe to North America and Asia. They make dense rosettes of very hairy, strongly dissected, almost feather-like leaves. Their elegant, large, cup-shaped flowers are born in early spring. Depending on the species these may be burgundy, yellow, white, to rose and purplish, or dark blue.
Sow seeds flat in any well drained, very sandy soil in autumn in pots in a protected spot. Seeds require a cooling period for several months before they may start to germinate in early spring. Cultivate in pots for a least two years, then carefully transplant the dormant, fleshy rhizomes in autumn. Plants should grow undisturbed to develop their whole beauty.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
30 seeds per package.
Pulsatilla patens var. wolfgangiana (North American Pasqueflower)

Pulsatilla patens var. wolfgangiana (North American Pasqueflower)

20 (30)cm, North American Pasqueflower is a herbaceous perennial with pale sky blue-flowers with a rose tinge before the feathered leaves emerge in early spring. It is native of meadows and Prairies in NC USA. For any rich, very well drained, preferably slightly rocky or sandy soil in full sun. III-IV.
20 seeds per package.

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