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Gomphocarpus (Balloon Cotton Bush)

Balloon Cotton Bush is made up of few species native of subtropical to tropical Africa, Australia and South America. They are growing as semi-woody biannuals to semiperenials with upright stems densely covered with narrow, light green leaves and axillary clusters of whitish, fragrant flowers. These are followed by ornamental, large, inflated fruits covered with smooth, spine like hairs. For any rich, well drained, preferably slightly sandy soil in a sunny spot throughout the year. In winter keep plants slightly drier at a minimum of some 15°C.
Sow flat at some 20°C throughout the year in any rich, well drained soil. Keep seedlings in full sun, especially if they are sowed in winter months.
Note: All parts are poisonous if ingested, the milk sap may cause severe skin irritations and eye burns.
20 seeds per package.
Gomphocarpus fruticosus (Balloon Cotton Bush)

Gomphocarpus fruticosus (Balloon Cotton Bush)

120 (150)cm, Balloon Cotton Bush is a semi-woody biannual to semiperennial species with lanceolate leaves on upright stems and nodding clusters of fragrant rose and white, star like flowers followed by ornamental, ovoid, inflated fruits with needle like hairs and brownish black seeds on parachute like silky hairs. For any rich well drained soil in full sun throughout the year. Keep plants drier in winter at a minimum of some 15°C. Seeds from a collection made of naturalized plants in dryish rocky soils on the island of Sardinia (Italy). VII-IX.
20 seeds per package.

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