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Dipcadi are late flowering bulbs with typical firm trumpets. Easy for any well drained soil in full sun. Plant bulbs rather deep to protect them from freezing.
Sow at a minimum of some 5°C in spring in any rich, yet well drained soil in full sun in a sheltered place. Transplant young bulbs in spring. Plant rather deep to protect from frost.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6 unless otherwise specified.
20 seeds per package.
Dipcadi serotinum

Dipcadi serotinum

20cm, small creamy brown trumpets, curved downwards arise from large bulbs. Sometimes two flowering periods in early summer and mid autumn. For any rich, well drained soil in a sunny and protected spot. Populations from the Canary islands differ in various aspects from plants in the Mediterranean and may be regarded as a subspecies. V-VI (IX-X).
20 seeds per package.

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seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
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