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Villesia (Bog Primrose)

Bog Primroses are a small genus genus within the Gentian family (Gentianaceae, formerly a family of its own: Menyanthaceae). Most species are native of Australia, a handful appear in South Africa and South-East Asia. They are suberect growing to creeping herbaceous perennials with glossy oval leaves and showy, lax inflorescences with usually yellow flowers, some with fringed petals. They are native of permanently to occasionally wet, marshy spots. For any humus rich, always moist soil. Excellent, fast growing plants for the border of a pond. Most species are not reliably winterhardy and shall be stored in a sunny spot and be kept slightly drier in a cool and frostfree spot during winter at a minimum of some 10°C.
Sow in pots filled with moist, pure sphagnum or peat at some 20°C throughout the year. Carefully transplant to the final spot as soon as plants are strong enough and after the last freezing nights.
All are USDA Climate Zone 9/10.
20 seeds per package.
Villesia exaltata (Australian Bog Primrose) Exclusive

Villesia exaltata (Australian Bog Primrose) Exclusive

20 (30)cm, Australian Bog Primrose is a herbaceous perennial from marshy soils and swamps in South-East Australia. It makes oval, glossy leaves and an upright hold inflorescences with small yellow flowers with slightly fringed petals. An easily grown subtropical plant for any humus rich, always wet soil, excellent for the border of a pond. In winter pot plants and store in a sunny spot with reduced watering at a minimum of some 10°C. VI-VIII.
20 seeds per package.

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