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Akebia (Chocolate Vine) & Sinofranchetia (Chinese Chocolate Vine)

Chocolate Vines are ornamental and easily grown deciduous vines from East Asia, where they occur in moist woods in shaded places, winding up trees. They make clusters of medium sized flowers in spring, followed by large, Passiflora like fruits in early autumn, which open half-way to show their transparent fruit pulp, in which the blackish seeds are embedded. For any humus rich soil in half shade to full sun. Akebia grow moderately and thus stay manageable for many years.
Chinese Chocolate Vineis very close to Akebia and is also a deciduous vine from East Asia where it grows in moist and shaded woods. It produces ornamental clusters of flowers followed by soft, large fruits in early autumn which resemble grapes. An almost unknown genus and thus very rare, yet easy to cultivate in any humus rich soil in a shaded position.
Sow from autumn to mid spring in any well drained, humus rich soil. Keep pots in a sunny to partially spot outside. Transplant in early autumn or late spring.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
10 seeds per package.
Sinofranchetia chinensis (Chinese Chocolate Vine)

Sinofranchetia chinensis (Chinese Chocolate Vine)

2 (8)m, Chinese Chocolate Vine makes long climbing, wine like shoots, deep maroon flowers above multi-lobed foliage and grape sized silvery green fruits in early autumn. From middle and western China for any humus rich, well drained soil in a partially shaded to sunny spot. IV-V.
10 seeds per package.

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