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Typhonodorum lindleyanum (Giant Aquatic Arrowhead)

250 (400)cm, Giant Aquatic Arrowhead is an impressive aquatic aroid species with very large arrow shaped leaves formed in a rosette on a tall pseudo stem. Mature plants make several inflorescences with a white spathe in hot summers. For any humus rich soil, which has to be always covered with water. Best use a large, hole-free pot. Minimum of some 20°C in winter and keep plants sunny throughout the year. A relatively high air-humidity is recommended, best cultivated in a heated greenhouse. Current seeds are from fruits produced in pur winter/spring and thus are naturally much smaller (roughly half the size) and those from fruits collected in summer/autumn, yet they are equally viable and sold in packages of 2 (two) seeds each and at a reduced price due to lower shipping costs. II-XII.
1 seed per package.

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seed package0259 € 7,99
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