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Musschia wollastonii (Madeira Giant Bellflower)

200 (400)cm, Madeira Giant Bellflower is a most impressive monocarpic plant with a single tall, slightly woody stem topped by a rosette of very large, up to 100cm long, pubescent, serrated, broadly lanceolate leaves, from which emerges the giant, lax pyramidal inflorescence with numerous pale yellow to brownish-red, upwards facing flowers. A spectacular plant which is very rare in nature, growing on vertical, moist cliffs in few sites in the laurel forest in central Madeira. Musschia wollastonii prefers a humus rich soil, which should be kept always slightly moist, and a partially shaded spot in summer, sunnier in winter at a minimum of some 10°C. IX-XII.
40 seeds per package.

seed package

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