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Canna flaccida (Golden Canna)

150cm, Golden Canna or Bandanna of the Everglades is native in wetlands from south-eastern to south-central USA. It makes broad lanceloate, yellowish-green leaves and showy, rather large, pale yellow and lightly perfumed flowers which open in the evening and fade away around noon the following day. It is the most widely used parent in large-flowered hybrid cannas. However, the pure species is rarely known in cultivation. Easily cultivated in any humus rich, always moist soil in a sunny spot during summer. In winter keep the dormant, fleshy rhizomes rather dry in a cool, yet frost free spot. Several companies falsely offer seeds from Canna indica var. flava under the name of Canna flaccida. We provide seeds from the true and unhybridized species. VI-VIII.
7 seeds per package.

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