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Aeonium glandulosum

25 (40)cm ø, one out of the two known Aeonium species native of Madeira. It prefers shaded to sunny spots on vertical cliffs in the North of the island. It is very alike Aeonium tabuliforme and belongs to the subgenus within Aeonium (Canariensae), however its leaves are broader and rhombic at the end. In contrast to Aeonium tabuliforme, its' rosettes produce a couple of offsets. They will gain up to 40 cm ø with a yellowish inflorescence of up to 30cm in height, which appears in May to July. In cultivation a very rare species, which is even rarely seen in Botanical Gardens. Plants derive from a collection made by the Frankfurt Botanical Garden on Madeira - Ribeira de Santa Luzia, at some 550m.
50 seeds per package.

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