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Aeonium spathulatum

30 (60)cm, a small, densly branching shrub between 30cm to 60cm in height, depending on the form. In summer the leaf rosettes will close completely, and they will open again at lower temperatures in autumn. It bears numerous inflorescences of bright yellow flowers will develop. It is the most ubiquitous species, which occurs on Gran Canaria and all western islands. The El Hierro form is smaller than the typical form from Tenerife. The La Gomera form is much taller and more upright growing with slightly smaller and sticky, fresh green leaves with an acute tip on grayish brown stems. This form is testricted to few, isolated, south facing, rocky spots in the central part of La Gomera. The form from Gran Canaria is more compact with slightly larger, strongly sticky leaves with a triangular like, broad flattened tip. III-V.
50 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)5124 € 5,99*
seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)
(ex El Hierro, Spain)
seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)2608 € 3,99*
seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
(ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
seed package (ex La Gomera, Spain)2594 € 4,99*
seed package (ex La Gomera, Spain)
(ex La Gomera, Spain)
seed package (ex Tenerife, Spain)2579 € 2,99*
(ex Tenerife, Spain)
* This price is valid if a single item is ordered only. The shop will automatically assign discounts on bulk purchases. If several packages are ordered from this species, they will be merged into a single package. Please refer to our General Terms of Business.

seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)

2+ € 5,69
6+ € 5,39
21+ € 5,09
51+ € 4,79
101+ € 4,19

seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)

2+ € 3,79
6+ € 3,59
21+ € 3,39
51+ € 3,19
101+ € 2,79
501+ € 2,00

seed package (ex La Gomera, Spain)

2+ € 4,74
6+ € 4,49
21+ € 4,24
51+ € 3,99
101+ € 3,49

seed package (ex Tenerife, Spain)

2+ € 2,84
6+ € 2,69
21+ € 2,54
51+ € 2,39
101+ € 2,09

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