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Hibiscus trionum (Flower-of-an-hour Hibiscus)

30 (50)cm, Flower-of-an-hour Hibiscus is a fast growing, strictly annual tropical Hibiscus from central Africa. It produces ornamental, pale yellow flowers with a dark violet-black center in terminal umbels. After flowering and setting seeds plants will inevitably die down. However, even in colder climates Hibiscus trionum will readily self-sow under suitable conditions as seeds are frost resistent. For any well drained soil in full sun. An excellent plant for the rock garden. On the web sometimes Hibiscus 'Amethyst' is offered as an alleged cultivar of Hibiscus trionum. However, it is indistinguishable from the variable nominal form. Additionally, some apparently plant unexperienced vendors offer seeds from Hibiscus trionum under the name of Hibiscus cannabinus 'Amethyst', which itself is a trademarked name for a cultivar of a completely different species. Hibiscus trionum makes terminal, smoothly hairy seed capsules, whereas Hibiscus cannabinus has axillary, quite hard capsules covered with short and bristle hairs. Our seeds are from correctly identified, true to type plants and offered at an all-time low price. VI-IX.
20 seeds per package.

U.S. customers only: seeds cannot be shipped to the U.S.

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seed package 2027 € 0,99

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