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Amorphophallus claudelii

10 (15)cm, a showy miniature new species discovered in 2013 and formally described in 2016. It belongs to the group of the smallest Amorphophallus species which are all known to occur in central Laos only: Amorphophallus myosuroides, Amorphophallus ongsakulii and Amorphophallus puchellus. It bears a tiny white spathe with a violet center inside and a long protruding green spadix and a dark green leaf with silvery-green center stripes. Tuber sized 1 cm are already flowering size! For any rich, well drained soil in a partially shaded spot. In winter keep dormant corms slightly moist to almost completely dry at a minimum of some 15°C. VI-VII.

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dormant tuber (0.5 cm)0194 € 7,90

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