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Tapeinochilos novaebudaensis (Dwarf Black Wax Ginger) Exlusive

150 (200)cm, Dwarf Black Wax Ginger is similar to Tapeinochilos solomonensis, yet smaller in all parts and has dark chocolate-brown bracts. Tapeinochilos novaebudaensis is not a validly described name and its provenance is unknown. Sometimes it is included in Tapeinochilos solomonensis, yet it clearly differes from the latter. For any humus rich, well drained substrate at a minimum of some 20°C and in winter with slightly reduced watering. Sowings require sufficient heat to germinate. The optimal temperature range is between 25°C and 30°C. Lower temperatures will significantly slow down the germination process or may even inhibit it. V-VIII.
10 seeds per package.

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seed package0207 € 12,90

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