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Pancratium spec. 001 (ex Fuerteventura) Exclusive

25 (35)cm, a most likely undescribed new species, which has been included in Pancratium maritimum (Mediterranean Sea Daffodil) in the past. Yet it differs in several aspects from the latter and should be raised to species rank. It mainly differs in making much broader (up to 5cm) bluish-green leaves, and much smaller seeds similar to those in Pancratium canariense (Canary Sea Daffodil), lacking the styrofoam-like substance. Showy, pure white star-like flowers. Native of sand dunes in the Corralejo region in northern Fuerteventura. For a sandy or rocky soil in a sunny spot throughout the year. A summer dormant and winter green species. In winter keep drier at a minimum of some 5°C. USDA Climate Zone 9/10. VII-VIII.
10 seeds per package.

Pancratium spec. 001 (ex Fuerteventura) Exclusive

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