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Pancratium maritimum (Mediterranean Sea Daffodil)

30 (50)cm, Mediterranean Sea Daffodil is a Narcissus like species from the Mediterranean region where it occurs in sand dunes close to the sea. It makes broad glaucous leaves and beautifully large, white, star-like and strongly fragrant flower trumpets. For a sandy or rocky soil in a sheltered, sunny position in the garden (with good proctection against freezing in winter) or preferably in a frostfree greenhouse or a cool wintergarden. Makes quite large, black styrofoam like seeds. From a wild collection made in Jadra/Jiyé south of Beiruth, Lebanon and Golfo di Marinella on Sardinia, Italy. USDA Climate Zone 8. VII-VIII.
10 seeds per package.

seed package (ex Sardinia, Italy)

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6+ € 2,69
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