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Periploca laevigata (Canary Silkvine)

1 (3)m, Canary Silkvine is native in rocky soils in the succulent shrub on all Canary Islands. This perennial woody vine makes maroon star like flowers, contrasted in yellowish green on the outside. Easily cultivated in any rich, well drained soil in full sun throughout the year at a winter minimum of some 12°C. A very decorative vine for a frostfree wintergarden or heated greenhouse. IX-III.
10 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)9156 € 3,99*
seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)
(ex El Hierro, Spain)
seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)0184 € 2,99*
(ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
seed package (ex La Palma, Spain)5154 € 3,99
seed package (ex La Palma, Spain)
(ex La Palma, Spain)
seed package (ex Tenerife, Spain)1136 € 2,99
seed package (ex Tenerife, Spain)
(ex Tenerife, Spain)
* This price is valid if a single item is ordered only. The shop will automatically assign discounts on bulk purchases. If several packages are ordered from this species, they will be merged into a single package. Please refer to our General Terms of Business.

seed package (ex El Hierro, Spain)

2+ € 3,79
6+ € 3,59
21+ € 3,39
51+ € 3,19
101+ € 2,79

seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)

2+ € 2,84
6+ € 2,69
21+ € 2,54
51+ € 2,39

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