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Aeonium escobarii

40 (70)cm, a new species discovered in 2001 by Malkmus-Hussein, B. but only validly described in 2013. A most decorative Aeonium species from locations in between the laurel and the pine forest at some 700m to 1.350m growing at exposed rocks in full sun in north-western La Palma. Aeonium escobarii is a monocaulous (= not making offsets) species related to Aeonium urbicum (Tenerife), reaching up to 70cm in height with ornamental, distinct, bluish green, strongly succulent, broadly spathulate leaves with red margins in a rosette of up to 50cm (!) in diameter. A very decorative plant due to its unusual leaf color and growth habit! VI-VIII.
50 seeds per package.

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seed package
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