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Caulophyllum robustum (Asian Blue Cohosh)

30 (50)cm, Asian Blue Cohosh is the Asian counterpart of the North American Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thylictrioides), yet much rarer in cultivation. It is a clump forming perennial with broadly divided foliage and an upright hold stalk with a lose umbel of small greenish-yellow flowers followed by most ornamental, intense blue berries in late summer and autumn. It is native of rich, semi-moist soils in woods in Eastern Asia. Easily grown in any humus rich to preferably peaty, well drained, always slightly moist soil in partial shade. Seeds are slow in germination and may need two years to germinate. IV-VI.
7 seeds per package.

Caulophyllum robustum (Asian Blue Cohosh)
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