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At present we are propagating a very good selection of tuberous or rhizomatous aroid species from temperate as well as subtropical and tropical regions within the following genera:

- Alocasia

- Amorphophallus

- Anchomanes

- Ariopsis

- Arisaema

- Arum

- Biarum

- Colletogyne

- Colocasia

- Dracontium

- Dracunculus

- Englerarum

- Gonatopus

- Gorgonidium

- Hapaline

- Helicodiceros

- Orontium

- Peltandra

- Pinellia

- Pseudodracontium

- Pseudohydrosme

- Remusatia

- Sauromatum

- Spathantheum

- Symplocarpus

- Taccarum

- Typhonium

- Typhonodorum

- Xanthosoma

- Zantedeschia

Below all aroid species are shown, from which either seeds and /or dormant tubers and rhizomes may become available. Please note, that we do not take backorders nor reservations, thus please bookmark our website and come back to us in the course of late summer and autumn to check availability of dormant tubers or rhizomes and seeds. Most species will go dormant between end of August to mid October, seeds of most species will ripen between July and September.

You do have a species in your own cultivation which is not listed below and from which you have spare tubers and/or seeds available for exchange or sale? Please contact us! We are always looking foward to broadening our range of tuberous aroids.


Alocasia macrorrhizus


Amorphophallus aberrans

Amorphophallus abyssinicus

Amorphophallus albispathus

Amorphophallus albus

Amorphophallus amygdaloides

Amorphophallus andranogidroensis

Amorphophallus andranogidroensis X Amorphophallus consimilis

Amorphophallus ankarana

Amorphophallus antsingyensis

Amorphophallus aphyllus

Amorphophallus arcuspadix

Amorphophallus asterostigmatus

Amorphophallus atrorubens

Amorphophallus atroviridis

Amorphophallus bangkokensis

Amorphophallus beccarii

Amorphophallus bolikhamxayensis

Amorphophallus boyceanus

Amorphophallus brevipetiolatus

Amorphophallus brevispathus

Amorphophallus bufo

Amorphophallus bulbifer

Amorphophallus carneus

Amorphophallus cicatricifer

Amorphophallus cirrifer

Amorphophallus coaetaneus

Amorphophallus commutatus

Amorphophallus consimilis

Amorphophallus consimilis X Amorphophallus aphyllus

Amorphophallus consimilis X Amorphophallus mangelsdorfii

Amorphophallus corrugatus

Amorphophallus crispifolius

Amorphophallus croatii

Amorphophallus cruddasianus

Amorphophallus curvistylis

Amorphophallus dactylifer

Amorphophallus declinatus

Amorphophallus decus-silvae

Amorphophallus discophorus

Amorphophallus dracontioides

Amorphophallus dunnii (syn. Amorphophallus odoratus)

Amorphophallus dzuii

Amorphophallus eichleri

Amorphophallus elatus

Amorphophallus elegans

Amorphophallus erythrorrhachis

Amorphophallus excentricus

Amorphophallus fallax (formerly Pseudodracontium fallax)

Amorphophallus ferruginosus

Amorphophallus fuscus

Amorphophallus galbra

Amorphophallus gallaensis

Amorphophallus gallowayi

Amorphophallus gigas

Amorphophallus glaucophyllus

Amorphophallus glossophyllus

Amorphophallus gomboczianus

Amorphophallus haematospadix

Amorphophallus harmandii

Amorphophallus henryi

Amorphophallus hewitii

Amorphophallus hildebrandtii

Amorphophallus hirsutus

Amorphophallus hirtus

Amorphophallus hohenackeri

Amorphophallus hottae

Amorphophallus impressus

Amorphophallus impressus (rose-pink petiole)

Amorphophallus interruptus

Amorphophallus johnsonii

Amorphophallus josefbogneri

Amorphophallus julaihii

Amorphophallus juliae

Amorphophallus kachinensis

Amorphophallus kiusianus

Amorphophallus konjac

Amorphophallus konjac cv. (beige petiole)

Amorphophallus konjac cv. (small leaflets, rose petiole with dark spots)

Amorphophallus konjac 'Minimal' [working name]

Amorphophallus konjac 'Nightstick'

Amorphophallus konjac 'Pinto'

Amorphophallus konkanensis

Amorphophallus koratensis

Amorphophallus krausei

Amorphophallus lacourii (formerly Pseudodracontium lacourii)

Amorphophallus lambii

Amorphophallus lanuginosus

Amorphophallus laoticus

Amorphophallus latifolius

Amorphophallus lewallei

Amorphophallus longiconnectivus

Amorphophallus longituberosus

Amorphophallus lunatus

Amorphophallus macrophyllus (formerly Pseudodracontium macrophyllum)

Amorphophallus macrophyllus 'Bluto' (blue leaves) (formerly Pseudodracontium macrophyllum 'Bluto')

Amorphophallus macrorhizus

Amorphophallus maximus

Amorphophallus maximus H.AM 067 X Amorphophallus aff. maximus "dark purple"

Amorphophallus maxwellii

Amorphophallus mossambicensis (syn. Amorphophallus swynnertonii)

Amorphophallus muelleri

Amorphophallus myosuroides (plain green leaves)

Amorphophallus myosuroides (silver-centered leaves)

Amorphophallus nanus (Amorphophallus konjac agg.)

Amorphophallus napalensis

Amorphophallus napiger

Amorphophallus natolii

Amorphophallus niahensis

Amorphophallus obscurus

Amorphophallus ochroleucus

Amorphophallus ongsakulii

Amorphophallus operculatus

Amorphophallus paeonifolius (wine-red spathe)

Amorphophallus paeonifolius (yellow spathe)

Amorphophallus palawanensis

Amorphophallus parvulus

Amorphophallus perrieri

Amorphophallus pilosus

Amorphophallus plicatus

Amorphophallus polyanthus

Amorphophallus prainii

Amorphophallus prolificus

Amorphophallus pseudoharmandii (formerly Pseudodracontium harmandii)

Amorphophallus pseudoharmandii (formerly Pseudodracontium harmandii) "Hot Legs"

Amorphophallus pulchellus spp. nov. ined.

Amorphophallus putii

Amorphophallus pygmaeus

Amorphophallus ravenii spp. nov. ined.

Amorphophallus reflexus

Amorphophallus rhizomatosus

Amorphophallus richardsii

Amorphophallus rostratus (dark petiole)

Amorphophallus rostratus (giant form)

Amorphophallus rostratus (small form)

Amorphophallus sagittarius

Amorphophallus salmoneus

Amorphophallus saraburiensis

Amorphophallus saururus

Amorphophallus schmidtiae

Amorphophallus serrulatus

Amorphophallus sinuatus (formerly Amorphophallus cf. subpedatus)

Amorphophallus sizemoreae

Amorphophallus smithsonianus

Amorphophallus spec. # 001 (ex Montible, Palawan, Philippines)

Amorphophallus spec. # 002 (ex Ulanguan River, Palawan, Philippines)

Amorphophallus spec. nov. ined. # 003

Amorphophallus spec. nov. ined. # 005

Amorphophallus spec. # 030

Amorphophallus spec. # 157 (AGA-1279-01)

Amorphophallus spec. # 214 (AGA-1537-01)

Amorphophallus spec. # 220 (AGA-1762-01)

Amorphophallus spec. # 316 (ex Burma, AGA-1440-01)

Amorphophallus spec. (N Thailand)

Amorphophallus spec. nov. 002 ined. "strawberry Amorphophallus" (Palawan, Philippines)

Amorphophallus spec. nov. ined. (Tuléar, Madagascar)

Amorphophallus sumawongii

Amorphophallus sylvaticus

Amorphophallus symonianus

Amorphophallus synandrifer

Amorphophallus taurostigma

Amorphophallus tenuispadix

Amorphophallus tenuistylis

Amorphophallus thaiensis

Amorphophallus titanum

Amorphophallus tonkinensis

Amorphophallus tuberculatus

Amorphophallus urceolatus aff.

Amorphophallus variabilis

Amorphophallus verticillatus

Amorphophallus vogelianus

Amorphophallus xiei

Amorphophallus yuloensis

Amorphophallus yunnanense


Anchomanes abbreviatus

Anchomanes dalzielii

Anchomanes difformis

Anchomanes difformis (red flowering)

Anchomanes difformis var. welwitschii

Anchomanes giganteus


Ariopsis peltata


Arisaema amurense

Arisaema attenuatum

Arisaema averyanovii

Arisaema barnesii

Arisaema bottae

Arisaema candidissimum

Arisaema candidissimum (white flowered)

Arisaema caudatum

Arisaema ciliatum var. ciliatum

Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaense

Arisaema concinnum

Arisaema consanguineum

Arisaema consanguineum 'Poseidon'

Arisaema consanguineum 'Siren's Song'

Arisaema consanguineum 'The Perfect Wave'

Arisaema cordatum

Arisaema costatum

Arisaema dahaiense

Arisaema dilatatum

Arisaema dracontium

Arisaema echinatum

Arisaema elephas

Arisaema engleri

Arisaema exappendiculatum

Arisaema fimbriatum var. fimbriatum

Arisaema flavum var. flavum

Arisaema flavum var. tibeticum

Arisaema formosanum

Arisaema franchetianum

Arisaema franchetianum (fargesii type)

Arisaema galeatum

Arisaema ghaticum

Arisaema griffithii var. griffithii

Arisaema helleborifolium

Arisaema heterophyllum

Arisaema ilanense

Arisaema inaense

Arisaema intermedium

Arisaema jacquemontii

Arisaema jinshajiangense

Arisaema kishidae

Arisaema kiushianum

Arisaema leschenaultii

Arisaema limbatum

Arisaema lobatum

Arisaema macropathum

Arisaema maxwellii

Arisaema muratae

Arisaema murrayi var. murrayi

Arisaema murrayi var. sonubeniae

Arisaema nepenthoides

Arisaema ovale

Arisaema pachystachyum

Arisaema peltatum

Arisaema polyphyllum

Arisaema propinquum

Arisaema quinatum

Arisaema ramulosum

Arisaema rhombiforme

Arisaema roxburghii

Arisaema ringens

Arisaema robustum

Arisaema sarracenioides

Arisaema saxatile

Arisaema sazensoo

Arisaema schimperianum

Arisaema serratum

Arisaema serratum var. mayebarae

Arisaema sikokianum

Arisaema sizemoreae

Arisaema speciosum var. mirabile

Arisaema taiwanense

Arisaema taiwanense f. cinereum

Arisaema ternatipartitum

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. autumnale

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. thunbergii

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. urashima 'Soshin'

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. urashima 'Caramel'

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. urashima 'Momotaro'

Arisaema thunbergii ssp. urashima

Arisaema tortuosum

Arisaema tosaense

Arisaema triphyllum var. pulsillum

Arisaema triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii

Arisaema triphyllum ssp. triphyllum

Arisaema utile

Arisaema yamatense

Arisaema yunnanense


Arum alpinum ssp. alpinum

Arum amoenum (syn. Arum megobrebi) - When the authors of Arum megobrebi made their publication in the year 2007, they did not take into account that Arum amoenum (syn. Arum orientale ssp. amoenum) had already been described earlier. Arum amoenum shares the same distributional range in NE Turkey and adjecent areas. In cultivation Arum amoenum is indistinguishable from Arum megobrebi, thus Arum megobrebi is an invalid synonym of the earlier and validly described Arum amoenum.

Arum apulum

Arum balansum

Arum byzantinum

Arum concinnatum

Arum creticum (FCC form)

Arum creticum (SBL)

Arum cyrenaicum

Arum dioscorides ssp. cyprium

Arum dioscorides ssp. dioscorides

Arum dioscorides ssp. leipoldtii - taxonmically this is not a valid name, but an extreme color form of Arum dioscorides ssp. dioscorides. Horticulturally it is very distinct, so we keep this (incorrect) name.

Arum dioscorides ssp. philistaeum

Arum dioscorides ssp. spectabile

Arum dioscorides ssp. syriacum

Arum dioscorides TS 353

Arum euxinum

Arum gratum

Arum hygrophilum

Arum idaeum

Arum italicum ssp. albispathum

Arum italicum ssp. canariense

Arum italicum ssp. italicum (light checkered)

Arum italicum ssp. italicum (strong checkered)

Arum italicum ssp. italicum (plain green leaves, ex Mallorca, Spain)

Arum korolkowii

Arum maculatum (spotted and plain green mixed forms)

Arum nigrum

Arum orientale ssp. orientale

Arum orientale ssp. longispathum

Arum palaestinum

Arum pictum ssp. pictum (ex Corsica, France)

Arum pictum ssp. pictum (ex Sardinia, Italy)

Arum pictum ssp. sagittifolium (normal marked, ex Mallorca, Spain)

Arum pictum ssp. sagittifolium (strong marked, ex Mallorca, Spain)

Arum purpureospathum

Arum rupicola ssp. rupicola

Arum rupicola ssp. virescens

Arum sintensii

Arum sp. (aff. italicum, yellow flowered)

Arum spec. (A 2, ex Turkey)

Arum spec. (ex Mallorca, Spain) - plants from a population, which could not be assigned to any species so far and which have been taxonomically (invalidly) described as Arum majoricense.


Biarum carratracense

Biarum davisii

Biarum davisii ssp. marmarisense

Biarum dispar

Biarum ditschianum

Biarum fraasianum

Biarum galiani

Biarum ochridense

Biarum pyrami

Biarum tenuifolium ssp. arundanum

Biarum tenuifolium ssp. idomedaeum

Biarum tenuifolium ssp. tenuifolium

Biarum tenuifolium ssp. zeleborii


Colletogyne perrieri


Colocasia gaoligongensis

Colocasia gigantea 'Giant Thailand Strain'


Dracontium amazonense

Dracontium croatii

Dracontium gigas

Dracontium nivosum

Dracontium peruvianum

Dracontium polyphyllum

Dracontium prancei

Dracontium spruceanum


Dracunculus canariensis (Canary Dragon Aroid - ex Gran Canaria)

Dracunculus canariensis (Canary Dragon Aroid - ex Tenerife)

Dracunculus vulgaris (ex Turkey)

Dracunculus vulgaris (white flowering, ex Crete)


Eminium lehmannii

Eminium regelii

Eminium spiculatum


Englerarum hypnosum


Gonatopus boivinii (green form)

Gonatopus boivinii (red form)


Gorgonidium intermedium

Gorgonidium vermicidum


Hapaline brownii

Hapaline coloniae

Hapaline spp. (ex Laos)


Helicodiceros muscivorus (ex Mallorca, Spain)






Pinellia cordata (purple and silver marked form)

Pinellia cordata (plain green form)

Pinellia peltata

Pinellia pedadisecta

Pinellia ternata (broad, spotted leaf form)

Pinellia ternata (broad, plain green leaf form)

Pinellia ternata (lanceolate, plain green leaf form)

Pinellia tripartita

Pinellia tripartita var. atropurpurea


Pseudohydrosme gabunensis


Pycnospatha arietina


Remusatia hookeriana

Remusatia pumila

Remusatia vivipara


Sauromatum diversifolium

Sauromatum giganteum

Sauromatum horsfieldii (green stem form)

Sauromatum horsfieldii (red stem form)

Sauromatum venosum

Sauromatum venosum 'Indian Giant'

Sauromatum venosum (yellow spadix)


Spathantheum fallax

Spathantheum orbignyanum





Syandrospadix vermitoxicus (green form)

Syandrospadix vermitoxicus (red form)


Taccarum caudatum

Taccarum warmingii

Taccarum weddellianum


Typhonium albidinervum

Typhonium bachmaense

Typhonium cordifolium

Typhonium circinnatum

Typhonium digitatum

Typhonium flagelliforme

Typhonium gallowayi

Typhonium glaucum

Typhonium huense

Typhonium laoticum

Typhonium lineare

Typhonium pedunculatum

Typhonium reflexum

Typhonium rhizomatosum

Typhonium roxburghii

Typhonium sinhabaedyai

Typhonium supraneeae

Typhonium trilobatum

Typhonium trilobatum (Gigantic Form)

Typhonium tubispathum

Typhonium violaefolium

Typhonium viridispathum


Typhonodorum lindleyanum


Xanthosoma violacea


Zantedeschia aethiopica

Zantedeschia albomaculata

Zantedeschia elliottiana

Zantedeschia jucunda

Zantedeschia odorata

Zantedeschia rehmannii