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Aroids - Dragon Plants

On this page you find a nice choice from hardy as well as subtropical and tropical members from the Aroid family (Araceae) which make tubers, corms or rhizomes. Dormant plants (i.e. tubers or corms) are in general available in our shop from October through April. Dormant, in-vitro propagated or seed-raised tubers of Amorphophallus titanum are available once in a while only. In the last ten years we have offered this impressive species only twice and once tubers are sold out, it may take several years again before we can list the Titan Arum again.
Seeds of several genera are available throughout the year (as long as stock lasts). Fresh seeds of the aquatic species Orontium aquaticum and Peltandra virginica are perishable and usually only available from October until end of May. Seeds of Anochmanes giganteus as well as Typhonodorum lindleyanum cannot be offered every year, as seed set is very irregular. But if so, seed will usually mature and become available by end of August.

All offered tubers descend from cultivated plants! We do not offer wild collected tubers and strictly discourage our clients in buying such plants, which may have been exported illegally in some cases. In several aroid species wild populations are decreasing alarmingly due to professional wild collections in habitat. Neither do we sell imported tubers from Asia which might be infected with several serious pests and might have been stored under totally inappropriate conditions. Wild collected as well as imported tubers you may find at various selling platforms at probably lower prices, but these import plants will never reach the quality of our tubers!

At present we are propagating a very good selection of tuber-forming aroid species within the following genera: Amorphophallus, Anchomanes, Ariopsis, Arisaema, Arum, Biarum, Colletogyne, Dracontium, Dracunculus, Gorgonidium, Helicodiceros, Pinellia, Pseudodracontium, Pseudohydrosme, Spathantheum, Taccarum, and Typhonium. A full list of what may become available next autumn is available on this page: "Amorphophallus, Arisaema, Arum, Dracontium, Pseudodracontium and Typhonium in propagation". We do not propagate these species at large scales and from the rarer aroids very few tubers will be available. Please note, that we do not take backorders nor reservations. Thus please bookmark this page and come back to us in the course of spring to check for availability of tubers and seeds.