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Canary Fern Species (Plants/Rhizomes)

There are more than 50 different fern species known from the Canary islands, a couple of them are endemic to this archipelago or the Macaronesian region. The three offered species are growing in nature as semi-epiphytes on rocks or even trees and make quite strong, creeping rhizomes with beautiful, elegant fen leaves during winter, and are summer dormant. In late summer the rhizomes make new leaf fens. All species are easily cultivated as pot plants in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot.
Plant the rhizomes half the diameter of their circumcise on top of any rich, well drained soil. As long as plants are in leaf (from late summer to late spring) carefully water from beneath and keep plants sunny in a frostfree spot at a minimum of some 5°C. As soon as leaves start to yellow in late spring, keep soil almost completely dry and store pots in a shaded spot until new growth starts.
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Note: These plants are available for a delivery within Europe only.
Davallia canariensis

Davallia canariensis

30cm (rhizome up to 100cm in length), makes beautiful, strongly dissected, fresh green fens from a quite broad, fleshy rhizome, densely covered with fox brown hairs. Native of Macaronesia and south-western Spain and Portugal growing in rocks and as an epiphyte on trees (especially on the Canary Islands). Easily cultivated, and very resistant to summer drought and heat. Plant the rhizome horizontally on top of any humus rich, well drained soil. Do not cover the rhizome with soil. Keep plants in winter at a minimum of some 5°C with slightly reduced watering.

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rhizome cutting (10.0 cm)2494 € 9,99