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Ensete (Golden Lotus or Dwarf Banana)

Golden Lotus Flower (though it is not related to the aquatic genus Nelumbo, commonly known as "Lotus", but to the Banana family) is a most ornamental subtropical plant native to China (Yunnan and Guizhou provinces) and an ideal container plant in colder climates due its reduced size and large, bright yellow, waxy, very long lasting (up to 6 months !) flower heads. The root system my survive winter outside in Central Europe similar to the winter hardy Chinese Banana (Musa basjoo) if the rootstock is protected with a very thick and dry (some 50cm high) mulch layer in winter. If grown as a pot plant, keep plants frostfree at a minimum of some 10°C, drier and always sunny in winter. In summer it prefers a partially shaded spot and even moisture. Any humus rich, well drained soil is suitable.
Prior to sowing scarify seed (e. g. carefully scratch the seed coat with fine sandpaper) and soak them in luke warm water for some 48h. Sow seeds throughout the year flat in any humus rich, very well drained soil at some 25°C to 307°C. Keep seedlings always sunny in winter, in summer move pots to a partially shaded spot. Plants gain flowering size within only three to four years after sowing and propagate well by underground rhizomes.
All are USDA Climate Zone 8 (protected root stock).
7 seeds per package.
Ensete lasiocarpum (Golden Lotus Banana)

Ensete lasiocarpum (Golden Lotus Banana)

100 (150)cm, Golden Lotus (syn. Musella lasiocarpa) is a most ornamental and easily grown plant found at up to 2.500m in its habitat in China, where it has become rare. Its banana-like, glaucous green leaves have reddish brown margins in a sunny spot and are born on a massive, short pseudo stem. Its large, erect, waxy, bright yellow flower heads resemble a lotus flower and last several months. Sometimes short, banana-like, hairy fruits are formed (not palatable) after flowering. V-XI.
7 seeds per package.

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