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Chimonanthus (Wintersweet)

Asian Chimonanthus are close to Calycanthus, flowering from mid winter until early spring with small yellowish open star-flowers on nude branches. Nice, dark foliage.
Sow from autumn to early spring in any rich, well drained soil on a peaty basis in a sunny position. Keep pots in a protected spot outside during winter. Seeds will germinate in late spring with rising temperatures.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
7 seeds per package.
Chimonanthus praecox (Wintersweet)

Chimonanthus praecox (Wintersweet)

4m, Wintersweet is a tall woody shrub with strongly sweet fragrant yellow to white flowers in late winter before leaves emerge in spring. For a partially shaded ort sunny spot in any moist, well drained, leafy soil. II-IV.
7 seeds per package.

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