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Cedronella (Canary Lemon Shrub)

Cedronella or Lemon Shrub are strongly scented plants with a perennial rootstock and annual to biannual flowering branches. Make trifoliate, light green, edible leaves which have a very pleasant lemon-like fragrance and may be used for salads. Branches are topped with clusters of pale rose to white flowers. For any well drained, rocky soil in full sun to partial shade. Keep drier and always sunny in winter. Very large and tall plants can be cut back easily in early spring. Plants will make readily new offsets from the ground.
Sow seeds rather flat in any humus rich, yet well drained soil at some 15° to a maximum of some 22°C (in certain Canary plants, higher temperatures will slow down or even inhibit germination!). Keep pots in full sun and soil always slightly moist. Germinate occurs over a period of several months.
20 seeds per package.
Cedronella canariensis (Canary Lemon Shrub)

Cedronella canariensis (Canary Lemon Shrub)

150 (200)cm, Canary Lemon Shrub is an excellent pot plant with attractive clusters of light pink to white flowers above ornamental trifoliate foliage. Native of open and slightly moist spots from the lower pine forest to the upper Fayal-Brezal formation. Requires a very sunny spot in winter under always frostfree conditions. From below Pico de Oveja (Cumbre Nueva, La Palma) at some 1.500m, and open spots in the Teno Laurel forest (Tenerife) at some 900m respectively. VII-IX.

Cedronella canariensis f. maderense f. nov. ined. Exclusive

Cedronella canariensis f. maderense f. nov. ined. Exclusive

100 (170)cm, Madeira Lemon Shrub is a new, to be described form native of Madeira. Differing from Canary populations by its slightly larger, intense rose flowers that are striped white. As the Canary species it is suited for any rich, well drained soil. Keep drier and sunny in winter in a frostfree spot. From Central Madeira growing at some 800m. VII-IX

Cedronella canariensis var. anisata  (Canary Anis Lemon Shrub) Exclusive

Cedronella canariensis var. anisata (Canary Anis Lemon Shrub) Exclusive

100 (170)cm, Canary Anis Lemon Shrub is an almost unknown variety native of La Gomera and La Palma. Differing from the species found on Tenerife in having more pubescent leaves and a typical anis-like fragrance in sunny spots in contrast to the lemon scented species. Attractive clusters of pinkish white flowers. From sunny and slightly moist spots in the laurel forest zone on both islands. South of Montaña Quemada (La Gomera), 1120 m and Fuente de San Marcos (La Palma). VII-IX.