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Matthiola (Madeira and Mediterranean Levkoje)

Levkoje from Madeira and the Mediterranean region are annuals, biennials to short lived perennials from rocky, sunny sites and bear long racemes of strongly sweet scented d flowers above a basal or short-stemmed rosette.
Excellent pot plants for any rich well drained, slightly rocky soil in a sunny spot. Keep frostfree and sunny in winter at a minimum of some 10°C.
Sow flat on any rocky, slightly moist soil in a sunny spot.
20 seeds per package.
Matthiola maderensis (Madeira Levkoje)

Matthiola maderensis (Madeira Levkoje)

100 (150)cm, Madeira Levkoje is the tallest and one of the most ornamental Matthiola species and is native of the succulent zone of Madeira. It has very long, lax branching racemes of very fragrant flowers, opening whitish rose and fading to reddish purple, above a decorative basal to short-stemmed rosette of long, lanceolate, silvery green leaves, which show purplish red margins if being cultivated in a sunny spot. Easy in any rich, rocky soil, keep always sunny and in winter at min. 10°C. Usually grows as a biannual, yet can easily be propagated by seed. VI-VIII.

Matthiola tricuspidata (Coastal Levkoje)

Matthiola tricuspidata (Coastal Levkoje)

10 (15)cm, Coastal Levkoje is a dwarf annual to biannual from sandy soils in the vicinity of the sea throughout the Mediterranean. It makes a basal rosette of greyish hairy leaves and a central inflorescence of pale rose flowers with a white center. For any rich, rocky soil, and at a minimum of some 10°C in winter in full sun. Best grown as an annual, sow in early spring under glass and transplant to the garden after the last freezing nights end of spring. VI-VIII.