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Belamcanda (Leopard Flower)

Belamcanda or Leopard Flower is a monotypic genus made up of this species only and close to Iris. It is native of eastern Asia, where it grows in open woods and grassy, sunny spots. It surprises with several, quite large orange, red-dotted flowers on upright growing flowers stalks above Iris like, bluish-green foliage. Suited for any rich, yet well drained, sunny spot.
Sow autumn to spring in any well drained, humus rich soil in a protected, sunny spot outside. Keep soil slightly moist. Transplant in late spring as soon as seedlings are strong enough. Will flower within 2 to 3 years!
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
20 seeds per package.
Belamcanda chinensis (Leopard Flower)

Belamcanda chinensis (Leopard Flower)

50cm, Leopard Flower is an annual to biannnual or short lived evergreen perennial with fanlike, bluish green leaves and showy bright to pale orange, red-dotted flower cups on upright hold, branched stalks. Native of East Asia (Eastern Siberia to Norther India, China, and Southern Japan). For any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot. Very easy in a slightly protected spot. Under appropiate conditions it will readily self-sow. VII-VIII.
20 seeds per package.

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